April 8, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Age is just a number

I believe that we all have once heard about the saying: Money is merely a series of numbers in the eyes for rich people. The psychology behind this is based on the sense of the security of rich people. They stand far above money and rise up with majestic wings.

I think the concept for “Age” should likewise be the same. In the face of the irreversible phenomenon of physiological growth, our mindsets are what truly matters.

As time goes by and experiences of life continue to add on, one could easily show a worldly and humble empathy. Our eyes would, therefore, emit understanding, mercy, and inclusiveness that erase our ever growing crow’s feet.

As we never take anything for granted and still fulfilling our every step and realizing our every dream, we would then naturally shine with satisfaction and self-confidence. A rather slow metabolism would even break its constraint and make our bodies fit again.

The inner light within us can defeat the fear of aging; the self-sufficiency we foster can make us override the age.

Time still passes by, but we confront it with our free and fruitful souls. What about the boundaries set by the age? We play it cool, and let the story tell for itself.







內在的光芒,擊潰老化的恐懼; 自在的氣度,使我們凌駕於年齡之上



♦ Fashion Style ♦


Coat: Soia & Kyo

Boots: Stuart Weitzman(similar here

Purse: Chanel Wallet On Chain (similar here)

Suitcase: sponsored by: Arowana 

Nail Polish: sponsored by e-nail

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