August 1, 2019

The Honorable Memory, Singapore

BY Amanda Wu / Music, Journey, Tour, Asia, Singapore

Our glorious accomplishments will stay with us eternally.


Oh, Singapore! I could always recollect the touching moments and thrilling excitements!!!

At the age of eight, I participated in the Sino-Japanese Junior Composition Competition held by YAMAHA. I was lucky enough to be in the finals and had several concert tours in Taiwan. What’s more, fortunately, I was selected as the representative of Taiwan and headed to Singapore to participate in the first Asian Oceanic Junior Original Concert, performing our own originals with representatives of the other six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. We were all ranging from seven to sixteen years old. My original piece was called "Happy Holidays", an ensemble of piano and electronic organ. I was playing the piano and a school older sister was playing the electronic organ. During the concert, in addition to the performances of the representatives of all countries, there was also a collaborated song which we all played in it. It is the most famous folk song from each country, and someone did the arrangement to make it a suite of these 7 folk songs. Among the representatives of all countries, I was the youngest. Sitting on the piano chair, I couldn’t even reach the ground! In the suite of the 7 folk songs, I was playing the tambourine along with the representative from Thailand.

A week before the concert, we arrived in Singapore and stayed in the popular five-star Pan Pacific Hotel . The organizer arranged a series of itineraries. On the first day, we had an international press conference. In front of each country's representatives, a national flag of our own country was placed. It was remarkably a moment of glorious honor! After that, every day, there were courses and training programs of piano, as well as various exchanging events. The day before the performance, I went to the Botanical Garden to do an interview from the Asahi TV station. Reminiscing the photo and looking at myself accepting the interview, I would always be moved to tears! After the show, we had a tour around Singapore. We visited the Merlion, Sentosa, and had a farewell dinner party. Everyone signed a small pamphlet which was just like the "Graduation book", leaving marks for our treasures encounters.



八歲時因參加 YAMAHA 舉辦的中日兒童創作曲比賽,很幸運的入圍到決賽,不僅在台灣巡迴表演,更幸運的是,我被遴選為台灣代表,代表台灣前往新加坡參加第一屆亞太兒童創作曲發表會(AOJOC: Asian Oceanic Junior Original Concert) 與其他六國代表一起演出創作曲。參與國家有:新加坡、馬來西亞、泰國、日本、印尼、澳洲,加上台灣共七國。年紀則從七歲至十六歲。那年我的曲名為 “愉快的假期”,是首鋼琴與電子琴的合奏曲。我彈鋼琴、一位學姊彈電子琴。發表會上,除了各國代表各自表演創作曲外,最後還有一首是大家一起演出七國民謠組曲。各國代表中,我年紀最小,坐上鋼琴椅,腳都還踩不到地呢!在七國民謠組曲中,跟年紀大我一歲的泰國代表,一起擔任打鈴鼓的角色。

在發表會前一星期,我們到達新加坡,住在當年火紅的五星級泛太平洋酒店。大會準備了一連串的行程,第一天就開了國際記者會,我們每國代表面前,都放著自己國家的國旗,那真的是極為榮譽的時刻!接著每天都有練琴、受訓的課程,還有參加各式各樣的交流晚會。表演前一天,我到植物園接受朝日電視台記者訪問,現在翻起照片,看著自己稚嫩的小臉,接受記者阿姨的訪問,每次看都會飆出感動得眼淚!演出完隔天,是旅遊行程,我們參觀魚尾獅、聖淘沙、晚餐則是再見晚會。 大家互簽像畢業紀念冊的小本本,為這個難得的交會,留下印證。


May 23, 2019

Love Being a Slashie

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


In love with being a Slashie:''musician & blogger''.


Since the release of my original EP album: The Journey on Earth Vol.2, "Stories of Time", I decided to put a pause on my musical work after I finished all the promotional concerts and media interviews in Asia, America, and Europe back in 2017. In this way, I successfully shifted my focus to my identity as a blogger in 2018.

Sincerely, the year of music suspension was very worthwhile. In the aspect of the growth of my blogger career, I have finished redesigning my blog. In fact, when it comes to things about beauty, I feel more comfortable to design them by myself so I could make sure they are pitch-perfect. In addition, I started to cooperate with many manufacturers. I opened a fashion online-store and started understanding the operation of the internet business. As a full-time blogger, I had to transform the original 100% art brain into a 50%-50% business-art brain due to the difference of the work nature. This kind of art/business combination is what I have been longing for, so my inner balance is now on a supreme status!

Doubled enthusiasm

In terms of music, there is a feeling of “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Because of the “absence”, I could then precipitate myself. With the precipitation, I therefore truly understand what music means to me—love. Music provides my soul with a sense of existence while presenting a sense of belonging for every performance and creation of mine. That is, I know music is indeed my true vocation and the meaning of life!

Carrying various cultural energies of each trip, remembering the construction of self-confidence, and fulfilling the balance of the inner self, I hereof announce my return to music. I will rekindle the curiosity of all kinds of new music. Followed by a new perspective, feeling, and perception, I am ready to greet my inborn talent! In this journey, I am grateful to have all of these splendid outcomes I experienced.


我愛斜槓人生 “音樂家+部落客”


自2017年發行原創EP系列:地球旅程第二輯: “時間故事” ,在亞洲、美洲、歐洲進行宣傳音樂會及媒體訪問後。我決定 2018年先把音樂工作暫停,將主力移轉到部落格經營。

這暫停音樂的一年,非常的值得,在部落格成長方面,重新設計改版(我喜歡自己設計,覺得所有跟美有關的作品,都要自己創作)開始與許多廠商合作、開設時尚商店、搞懂網路事業的運作,當起全職部落客,因為工作性質的不同,所以把原本的 100 % 藝術腦,轉 50%為商業腦。這樣的藝術+商業組合,是我一直以來所盼望的,讓內在達到一種完美平衡!




May 13, 2019

The Journey of the Soul

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity

Every voyage is a journey of the soul.

I have been living abroad for so many years and traveling so many times, still, expectations of every trip never wane. Every time, I couldn’t help but wonder that how much I could enhance my inner self, how much myths could be unlocked, how many pieces could be reorganized, how much impurities could be deposited, how many horizons would be expanded, and how much calm I could obtain!

Everyone grows in a miscellaneous way. Some grow up in the integration of gender relations, others grow up in the tension of parent-child relationship, and while others grow up in the shackles of workplace connections. As for myself, I guess I was determined to grow up in travel because of my keenness, independence, and curiosity.

In fact, I never thought that I would live and grow in this way. I thought my life would be like: After I graduated from university and returned to Taiwan, I stayed in Taiwan and worked in a variety of musical jobs. Presumably got married when I turned 30. Nevertheless, the destiny of the arrangement was always beyond expectation. I unconsciously walked towards a life that completely escaped the general framework. After moving to New York since my 30s, I was free to greet the splendid and wonderful life and accept dark challenges unpreparedly! I never thought about traveling alone all over the world, never thought about being a musician and a blogger at the same time. Let alone having my Chinese music creation album boarded so many American media!

Countless men asked me out, having dealt with so many dates/relationships, yet it is just unexpectedly difficult to find the Mr. right!

Therefore I understood! No lifestyle is perfect, everyone enjoys life and faces challenges simultaneously.

Accept your life and your own way of growth, I know that this is not easy, but in this way, we could fully absorb and metamorphose into a greater self. We enjoy the good and of course the difficulties. After all, the place we reside is earth, not paradise. Everyone has lessons to learn in this world. Therefore we are here to discover, visit, experience, and love!

There are often times we fail to understand the “whys”, but when we move on to the next stage and look back, we would smile for what we have achieved. Every process of each paragraph has its own beauty which shapes our delicate souls into a perfect state. 🙂


♥ Special Thanks to Centurion Suitcases

Gulf Stream 29 inches with zippers. (Stockholm Black)








很多時候我們會不懂為什麼,但等晉級到下個階段再回頭看時,便會會心一笑,這每一段每一段的過程,其中都有許多美意,都在雕塑我們靈魂該有的『最美的樣子』 🙂


♥ Special Thanks to Centurion Traveling Suitcases 百夫長旅行箱

灣流拉鍊款29吋 U_H_ARN (斯德哥爾摩黑)



♥ Special Thanks to Centurion Traveling Suitcases 百夫長旅行箱

灣流拉鍊款29吋 U_H_ARN (斯德哥爾摩黑)

April 27, 2019

O.P.I Nail Polish: Infinite Shine

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion

As the world bellwether in the professional nail care industry, OPI is devoted to providing high-quality products. Known for its and fashionable colors and exceptional outcomes, it offers affordable luxury for all women and beauty salons around the world.

Just like me, I believe that many people like the effects that manicures and pedicures bring us, but still praying for our nails from all those trimming. Luckily, OPI apparently heard our prayers and thus developed a series of “ Infinite Shine ”, a 3-step system which provided gel-like shine. Its coloring method is just like ordinary nail polish. Without containing any component of resin which is usually seen in gel nails, the new series doesn’t require the procedure of putting your hands under the LED light.

Step 1. Use “Shine Primer” and apply one coat to each nail.
Step 2. Choose your Infinite Shine shade and apply two thin coats to each nail.
Step 3. Coated with the little black bottle, “Infinite Shine Gloss”, and apply one coat to each nail.

Isn’t it is easy and effective to create a gel-nail-like effect with the traditional way of coloring at home?
My finishing work here is with passionate red and dark brown. It is sparkling, saturated, deep, and so eye-catching!
In addition, there are so many dreamy and beautiful colors to choose from.
Astonished and appreciated as I am, OPI is definitely well deserved. Come join me! Experience the new gel texture and the convenience of traditional nails, it will surely bring you lots of surprises.

指甲油界大佬 “OPI” 飽和的色彩和上色時的均勻,都顯示了它扎實的高質感,
所以一直是全球女性的最愛、全球沙龍的首選。相信很多人都跟我一樣很喜歡光療效果,卻又不想在卸甲時被磨傷指甲。近幾年 OPI 大概是聽到了我們的心聲,所以研發了凝膠感的 “如膠似漆系列”,只要三個步驟,即可達成光療效果。也因為是指甲油成份,不是光療的樹酯成分,所以不用照燈,上色方式跟一般傳統指甲油一模一樣!

步驟三: 小黑瓶 “護甲油”


April 8, 2019

Age is just a number

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Canada, North America

I believe that we all have once heard about the saying: Money is merely a series of numbers in the eyes for rich people. The psychology behind this is based on the sense of the security of rich people. They stand far above money and rise up with majestic wings.

I think the concept for “Age” should likewise be the same. In the face of the irreversible phenomenon of physiological growth, our mindsets are what truly matters.

As time goes by and experiences of life continue to add on, one could easily show a worldly and humble empathy. Our eyes would, therefore, emit understanding, mercy, and inclusiveness that erase our ever growing crow’s feet.

As we never take anything for granted and still fulfilling our every step and realizing our every dream, we would then naturally shine with satisfaction and self-confidence. A rather slow metabolism would even break its constraint and make our bodies fit again.

The inner light within us can defeat the fear of aging; the self-sufficiency we foster can make us override the age.

Time still passes by, but we confront it with our free and fruitful souls. What about the boundaries set by the age? We play it cool, and let the story tell for itself.







內在的光芒,擊潰老化的恐懼; 自在的氣度,使我們凌駕於年齡之上



♦ Fashion Style ♦


Coat: Soia & Kyo

Boots: Stuart Weitzman(similar here

Purse: Chanel Wallet On Chain (similar here)

Suitcase: sponsored by: Arowana 

Nail Polish: sponsored by e-nail

March 28, 2019

The Ability developed from Traveling Alone: Stay Calm When in Peril

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Taichung City

Castle in heavy rain


Continuing the previous two articles, "The ability of solo traveler," this one aims to share "Stay calm when in peril."

In 2017, I went on a trip to the country of the fairy tale—Prague. On the hill, there was the world's largest castle "Prague Castle".
As I admired the scenery, I slowly climbed up the mountain top.

Outside the ancient castle, a huge square resided, and a stage was being built in the middle of the square. When I took a closer look...wow! It turned out that there was a classical Jazz crossover performance by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic in the evening. I thought to myself that what an astonishing coincidence this was because I got to watch the show after visiting the castle.

The evening square is crowded with a welcoming audience. The music was very satisfying, and the atmosphere was mesmerizing. Seemingly, everything looked flawless, however, suddenly it started to rain like cats and dogs!!! I noticed everyone fled in every direction. Some hiding from the rain, while others rushing down the mountain... The eaves of nearby buildings were all too small to hide from the rain.
After all, afraid of slipping, I didn't dare to rush down the mountain. As time went by, it was late and I was not familiar with the area. The only thing that I could do was to hide in a tiny eave, facing against the street.

Before long, my back was totally toasted, in the end, every part of my body was soaked. At that moment, I knew my utmost priority was to protect my bag from getting wet. My bag was my savior, with phone and charger, I could ask Uber to turn the tide. Time was seen to froze and my prayers were within the air, wishing the rain to stop little by little...

To be honest, in this kind of situation—when all the tension, panic, and fear crawl on you—I forced myself to stay calm. We all know that these emotions are always inevitable. They will not bring you any good and the situation would only get more chaotic. Therefore, I tried to calm my nerves and I thought to myself:

“I still have my phone and the battery hasn’t run out yet.”
“Though fewer and fewer, at least there are still some people here.”
“The castle in the moonlight rain looks more romantic than the daytime.”
“It doesn't matter if my whole body is wet since my shirt is already quite transparent. it just only gets a little more transparent. ;)”
“Fortunately, there is no wind, so I will not catch a cold. Also, being washed by super heavy rain? People don’t get this kind of experiences all the time right?”

When the rain finally got smaller, I hurried to the Greek style temple-like building on the opposite side. Standing under the pillars, I started booking an Uber.  Nonetheless, there may be too many people affecting the signal or reserving the cars at the same time. There were two times when the car was approaching, but suddenly it became another car that was still far away... Thirty minutes had I been waiting and three times had I missed the chance of grabbing the car and finally! Finally, I got in the car!

As soon as I got on the car, a very musty smell startled me. Though feeling uncomfortable, I told myself not to pay attention to the smell, because at least I got in the car, the driver was friendly, and all hassles were about to end once reached the accommodation!

As soon as I was in my room, I immediately took a hot shower. Just by the time that I was enjoying myself, the water was no longer warm... I could only comfort myself that it was fine in hot summer days and I was lucky enough to even get to clean myself up.

Washed away the rain and the tiredness, calming myself from fear and anxiety, eventually,  I could let my guards down. Laying on the bed and lifting my legs against the wall, I carefully picked up bits and pieces about what just had happened. I can’t figure out what forced me to calm down, and each scene flashed in my mind were as if battles in a nightmare.

With willpower to suppress the fear inside the heart, returning safely from the stormy mountains of an unfamiliar area, I thanked for everything.
I was grateful that my phone was not wet and dead, the Uber did come, and the driver was a good man.
Unintentionally, I understand my inner muscles have been strengthened again. 🙂






延續之前兩篇 “一個人旅行所培養的能力”,這篇要分享的是『臨危不亂』。

2017年,我到童話世界 “布拉格” 旅遊。山上有座全世界最大的古堡 “布拉格城堡”。我一邊欣賞風景、一邊慢慢爬上山。

古堡外有個很大的廣場,廣場中間正在搭建舞台,我走近一看,喔!原來晚上有紐約 Jazz at Lincoln Center 爵士大樂團捷克愛樂的古典爵士跨界演出。

傍晚的廣場,已擠滿一堆熱情的聽眾。音樂非常棒、氣氛非常高亢,就在一切看似完美時, 突然間,下起了滂沱大雨!!!只見大家鳥獸散,有的躲雨、有的往山下衝... 附近的建築屋簷都很短,沒有太大的遮雨作用。我不敢貿然下山,畢竟天色已晚,又對路不熟,也怕滑倒,只好躲在短短的屋簷,背對著街道,先是背部全濕,接著整個身體也濕透,我唯一保護在角落不能濕透的,就是包包,因為包包裡有手機、行動電源,可以叫Uber 來救我。於是我怎麼樣都不能讓包包淋濕,只能不斷禱告大雨趕快停。說真的不知過了多久,人已越來越少 ... 越來越少 ... 大雨總算一點 ... 一滴 ... 慢慢 ... 變小 ...

全身溼了沒關係,反正我的上衣本來就蠻透明的(濕了只是更透明一點而已) 😉

拿起手機叫 Uber, 可能天氣不好影響訊號或叫車的人太多,有兩次都是眼看車子快到,卻又突然變成另外一輛還在很遠處的車...


一進門,當然先沖個熱水澡。不知為何,水幾分鐘後就不太熱了... 我又告訴自己,沒關係還好是夏天,能洗乾淨就好。
洗淨了雨水、疲憊,平息了害怕、焦慮,終於可以真正放鬆了。抬著腿躺在床上,仔細回想剛剛的一切... 我也搞不清楚是什麼力量使慌亂化為冷靜,腦海中的一幕一幕,彷彿是一場戰鬥的夢...

我感謝手機沒濕、Uber 有來、司機是好人。
我知道內在的肌肉,已神不知鬼不覺地,增加了一塊  🙂


♦ Fashion Style ♦

Necklace: Chanel Coco Crush

Watch: Rolex, Lady DATEJUST 28mm

Nail Polish: Alloya

Outfits: MOMA

Boots: Rudsak

Suitcase Sponsored by: NaSaDen

March 25, 2019

The New Stage of my Career

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


Transforming the life experiences of the world-traveling into inspirational elements of the work

My extreme curiosity started at a very young age of mine. Wherever or whatever there is a new place or stuff, I just got to try and experience myself.
In early 2012, a sudden thought came to me out of nowhere---Moving to New York---and I DID! With not much money and without any specific reason, I literally moved there by the end of 2012. I didn’t even know why I should make such a decision like this, perhaps, I was just answering the inner callings from my soul. As my life after moving to New York? Wonderful! There is too much to talk about so I will describe them in another series.

In 2014, I considered that basically, I had collected pretty much about New York, so I applied for a language school in Milan. With the admission and the scholarships, my life in Europe successfully began. Most importantly, thanks to the convenient European railway, my horizon was massively broadened up by the end of 2015, because I was able to explore other cities instead of staying in Milan every day.

Traveling alone

And that was the case, my solo traveling made my “physical” and “mental” world unlimited. I often checked the map and pinned a place, then I was there. After gaining all of these splendid experiences in life, I started to realize that everything just happened so naturally and it was totally not difficult or dangerous as I originally pictured.

Since the end of 2015, I have visited so many beautiful places: Rome, Venice, Turin, Florence, Parma, Lake Como, Paris, Pisa, Lake Lecco, Cremona, London (for two months), Oxford, Stone Henge, Bath, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh, and back to New York three times. And also Los Angeles, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Rome again to perform my album, Siena, Luca, Montréal, San Francisco, Reykjavik, Vienna (twice), Dublin, Amsterdam, Nice, Monaco, and the second and third time in Paris.

There are deeper meanings in solo traveling. It was like “Life training courses” over and over again rather than just sightseeing tours. After visiting countless aesthetic and gorgeous places like palaces, churches and museums, these exquisite, elegant and unique works just omni-directionally fulfilled my cravings, thirst, and passion for art. Those spiritual and divinely masterpieces could always find a way to pound my soul. Nevertheless, the touches and vibrations also significantly imprinted in my body, so that I could utilize them and blend those strong emotions into my musical creations.

I also found and believed that…external traveling would always meet the needs of inner traveling.

A few years ago, what prompted me to advance was the enthusiasm for exploring the world and discovering more possibilities. Fortunately, I used the way to break through and escalate myself. However, as my mind, vision, and thinking patterns continue to expand, I have become an updated and better version of myself.

Started from this year, with all the harvest, I found an inner voice guiding me and I knew that it was time to settle everything down and put my past experience into the work, regardless gained from solo-traveling or those newly-acquired abilities, and continue to generate more creations, firmly and steadily embrace the next level of self-realization!






2012年初,“ 搬去紐約” 一個突如其來的念頭,這完全是個天外飛來一筆的想法,我都搞不清楚為什麼,應該是靈魂想要經歷吧! 而我也真的在 2012 年底搬去了紐約。沒準備很多錢,不知道去了要做什麼,反正去了再說。關於紐約的生活,實在太精彩了,我得另外寫一篇。2014年,覺得在紐約的經驗搜集的差不多了,進而想體驗歐洲,順利申請到語文學校獎學金而搬去米蘭。2015 年底,原本只是覺得在每天待在米蘭無聊,既然歐洲鐵路超方便,那週末不如就到別的城市走走。





一個人旅行並不只是表面的觀光旅遊,其實有著更深層的含義,是一次又一次的 “人生訓練營”。


我發現也深信... 外在旅行,永遠因應內在旅行的需要



March 22, 2019

The Life-Saver for My Nail: Alloya

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion

Alloya is a life-saver which solved my troubles for many years!

I believe that many girls would likewise adore the gorgeous effects of gel nail, but our nails just couldn’t bear those trimming and grinding during the removal. I once had my manicure done in three consecutive months, as a result, my nails turned fragile and sensitive. Even my manicurist warned me that I should let my nails rest for a few months. Actually, after such incidence, I dare not to do any gel nail again, because health is always way more important than anything, right?

However, everything has changed once I knew the special brand: Alloya.
You only need a layer of primer, then coated with a layer of nail gel and put your fingers under the UV lamp. Each finger only takes about 30~60 seconds! Sleek and simple! And when removing the gel, one could easily peel it off with a finger.

If you want your gel nails to stay a little longer, just try not to apply the primer and put on the nail gel directly. When removing, use the exclusive removal sets from Alloya to remove them. Whichever you prefer would all be convenient and healthy, isn't it fabulous?

Recently, I designed the combination of my gel nails with colors of dark blue, dark green, dutch blue, and then coated with silver glitters. The kind of the mysterious charm of the light symbols a sacred and hidden subconscious which is usually difficult to enter. Therefore, I named it "Subconscious Blueprint."

The other set of bright and crystal pink colors is a new color combination that will be launched soon. This kind of bare, transparent, and pure pink is also one of my favorites. I decided to name it “Beautiful Bare Bestie”, you could get the kit with the firsthand launch on 3/18 in Taiwan. I will keep you guys posted, so make sure to follow up. 🙂

Alloya 解決了我多年來的困擾!


直到認識 Alloya 這個特別的品牌,只要上一層底膠,再上指甲膠,接著將手指放在小小的燈下照,每指只要 30 或 60秒,就能自己在家完成光療指甲!
而且卸甲時只要輕輕一摳,即可剝除。若想要維持久一點,可以選擇不要上底膠,直接上指甲膠。卸甲時就用Alloya 專用的卸甲包,即可卸除。


而另一組粉嫩透亮潔淨的粉色系,是即將要上市的新色組合,我也非常喜歡這種粉、裸、透、淨的感覺,所以我稱它為『裸粉瑰密』 可以透過我在台灣時間 3/18日即將開始的團購搶先購買 🙂

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