April 27, 2019 By Amanda Wu

O.P.I Nail Polish: Infinite Shine

As the world bellwether in the professional nail care industry, OPI is devoted to providing high-quality products. Known for its and fashionable colors and exceptional outcomes, it offers affordable luxury for all women and beauty salons around the world.

Just like me, I believe that many people like the effects that manicures and pedicures bring us, but still praying for our nails from all those trimming. Luckily, OPI apparently heard our prayers and thus developed a series of “ Infinite Shine ”, a 3-step system which provided gel-like shine. Its coloring method is just like ordinary nail polish. Without containing any component of resin which is usually seen in gel nails, the new series doesn’t require the procedure of putting your hands under the LED light.

Step 1. Use “Shine Primer” and apply one coat to each nail.
Step 2. Choose your Infinite Shine shade and apply two thin coats to each nail.
Step 3. Coated with the little black bottle, “Infinite Shine Gloss”, and apply one coat to each nail.

Isn’t it is easy and effective to create a gel-nail-like effect with the traditional way of coloring at home?
My finishing work here is with passionate red and dark brown. It is sparkling, saturated, deep, and so eye-catching!
In addition, there are so many dreamy and beautiful colors to choose from.
Astonished and appreciated as I am, OPI is definitely well deserved. Come join me! Experience the new gel texture and the convenience of traditional nails, it will surely bring you lots of surprises.

指甲油界大佬 “OPI” 飽和的色彩和上色時的均勻,都顯示了它扎實的高質感,
所以一直是全球女性的最愛、全球沙龍的首選。相信很多人都跟我一樣很喜歡光療效果,卻又不想在卸甲時被磨傷指甲。近幾年 OPI 大概是聽到了我們的心聲,所以研發了凝膠感的 “如膠似漆系列”,只要三個步驟,即可達成光療效果。也因為是指甲油成份,不是光療的樹酯成分,所以不用照燈,上色方式跟一般傳統指甲油一模一樣!

步驟三: 小黑瓶 “護甲油”


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